Offline Colors

I was shooting some winter migratory birds when i spotted this chameleon lazing in its comfy space, a hole in a log.

This is its story.  


“How the !%@#$ did you track me down ??

Yes, this is who i am offline….drab ..dull…a gloomy grey- brown….. nervous of direct social contact….. true colors……so to speak…

I was always a loner you know….since childhood…
but you wouldnt have guessed it right?……..considering how i blend in with the crowd….my gregarious nature and how i seem to bond so well with everyone…the way i tweet and twirl and share such colourful updates…at time time thought -provoking….and all those wonderfully happy family-holiday albums… Oh ! The @#$ facade !!!…

And now here i am… rehab……in a wifi free ashram in the woods…to detox…to recharge my stressed out chromophores… cleanse the chatter out of my system….

and the withdrawal is so painful, i tell you….its like being in zombie-land…all of us here walk around in this campus bleary-eyed, with vacant expressions, dreaming hazy colored dreams……
… the noise and the chatter just won’t die away……

Hey listen… i’ll give you my FB login and password… could you please share my check in and type in this status update for me…..

See, what really scares me is… that if i am not regular with my updates…the world will forget that i exist….. and…and… thats the one nightmare that just wont let me Rest In Peace……
…and offline I am.. . I am deadwood…..”

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4 Responses to Offline Colors

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  2. raj says:

    Wonderful as always. Social media has given a medium of expression to those who remained probably self snubbed in awe of boisterous extroverts. Today, the technology has allowed people to air their opinion and views also given a pen to hone their writing skills. To me its same old feeling of checking your post box up and down the alley, or asking Postman “Bhaiya hamari chhitti hai kya?”

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  3. Lt Col Raj Singh Bhown(retd) says:

    Wonderful. My comments on the blog.

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

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