A Tangled Web

This is a picture of the Giant Golden Orb Spiders (Nephila sps) taken in my garden at Bareilly, India.

The Nephila sps makes giant vertical webs and the female is much larger than the male. In one large web it is common to find the dominant female and a number of males surrounding her. This web was spun between two trees and was about 5 feet by 3 feet in dimensions. I took a a bunch of snaps, closeups as well as long shots. The golden orb webs glow a lovely yellow- gold colour when the sunlight falls on the yarn. 

That was the zoology bit on the spider species.

This picture was shot from ground level and for this story lets pretend that we have a family, parents and their child,  seemingly hanging way up against the a glass window. 


“Don’t think i am too proud of this..making my wife and son work by my side hanging on to dear life, exposed to the elements… you can see my son right at the top there …he enjoys this, it gives him a thrill he says, it makes him feel as if he owns the world….

And i must admit it does give me a thrill too…makes me feel powerful in a way, when the building manager and the durbaan ask us if we are afraid of heights…..

The first time they put me up on the 10th floor for a construction job, it made my head swim…and my eyes almost popped out of the sockets…but i needed the green leaves that matter…the rokda…the money…. and i clenched my teeth and went on with the job….

I send my son to a small school nearby in the evenings….

.. i want him to work inside such buildings … and not swing precariously at ridiculous heights at construction sites……whitewashing ….cleaning window panes……

i want him to escape this life…….this golden web that the city uses to lure us and then leaves us trapped in…… forever and ever….

I want to see him working with the the lot that treat us like vermin…who swat us away as if we spoil their scenery…..

We are not a different species after all…are we? “


(durbaan and rokda are Hindi words. Durbaan is a Watchman, Rokda means Money)

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