A Different Pace

Two snails come out to walk and chat in my garden just after the monsoon showers.  


“Ma, i have to go….

This scholarship from the Aviation School across the fence, is my dream! I always wanted to fly, and you know that…

The blue skies and the tree tops is where i belong….. i look up at the stars at night and want to reach there some day…..

And one thing is certain Ma…… there is NO way i am going to be marrying ANY of those slimy snail- males that you and dad have been introducing me to, at all these farewell parties this afternoon on the various family tree branches…Uff!! Those slow dunderheads!… they all just creep me out !….

NOTHING is gonna happen for me here…. so STOP rotating your antennas around please……. you’ll just tire yourself out…. …

And DONT try that emotional blackmail now…. that new spiral on your shell is not because of all the trouble i cause you…..

Don’t worry ma, i’ll be Ok …..and you all can come to visit me during break…. and i am telling you i have read about it all, on the web between the trees…. the grass IS greener on the other side of the fence….

I am just bursting to get out of my shell…..“

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