(Back to blogging after almost 2 years.  I am starting a series of random photo-stories, hopefully once a week. This is the first on the series.)

This picture is of the leather slippers and sandals (jootis) displayed outside a small shop in Tamil Nadu, India.  In India it is common to display charms to ward off ill-luck outside shops.

Here the gargantuan leather slipper made up to resemble a demons face both showcases the perfect craftsmanship of the seller and protects the shop owner as well as his business from the evil eye.

The demon-face slipper measures about 2 feet in length, doesn’t have a partner and sits on display day after day…. while the ordinary-sized ones fit into human feet and walk off on their journeys into the world.

This is the slippers story.


“I was always an achiever, one step ahead of my peers, even when in school.

i charted a great career and now here i am…….

…..a towering figure above the rest, always spruced up and shiny, a super- duper achiever and a model citizen to boot !

But there is a thing that tugs at me always, a dream that wakes me up while i sleep at night….

Tell me now….do you also hear an echo from an unknown place that calls out to you unexpectedly….. do you have a longing to get off your pedestal and travel, to wander and to dance footloose and free….

Do you dream of someone/ something/ someplace?…

sort of like… like a need to find a  foot for your soul.”


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3 Responses to Soledad

  1. Raj Bhown says:

    Good you are back blogging. An excellent piece as usual.


  2. hector1012 says:

    Reblogged this on Capture and commented:
    Good Thoughts


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