The Mutants Offspring

This is a humorous take on our affection for dogs and how they may have hypnotized the humans. Asimov fans of the Foundation series will recognize the ‘Mule’ 🙂


The Mule was sterile.

Is that what you thought? That, when he died the random threat was over? You read the Encyclopedia Galactica and assumed that was how things went? Ah, but emotions control the chemicals in the brain you know, and they in turn control the changes in the body. That is how it had always worked for the Mule. Emotional control was his tool and he used it to solve the problem with his body.

He knew he had two flaws, his inability to produce offspring and his jarring ugly physical appearance. The initial mutations must have induced parthenogenesis and subsequently, sexual differentiation. It was changing his appearance that proved tricky. There is no guarantee of conserving good looks,  and he wanted his offsprings to rule forever, over generations. Ultimately he made a choice.  He would alter the physical features entirely such that it would not resemble the humanoid form at all. He changed the limbs and added an extended coccyx, but he did not mess with the eyes. The eyes were important.

The control over the galaxy remained, though the inhabitants were not aware of it.  That was how he wanted it.  That was how he had managed to become the greatest conquerors the galaxy had ever seen. He was a random mutation himself, and he was born with the ability to reach into the minds of others and adjust their emotions. It was because of this that though he was ruthless, he did not have to kill or torture. The people he ruled over had once hated and feared him, but he had changed their emotional waves to adoration and respect for himself.  He had probed and felt emotional patterns of individuals and of masses, and he knew it to be true.

The Mule died a natural death but his progeny remained and bred and still rule over us. The mind control is oh-so-subtle. It is the soulful eyes that do it. They seem to look straight into your heart, but they  are actually probing your mind patterns and changing them till you feel the warmth of affection flood your senses.  The emotional adjustment inflicted is almost artistic . The behavioral pattern  and memories remain intact, the ‘adjustment’ works only to create affection and a willingness to please and obey orders.

They look at you and you are mesmerized, you take them home and look after them thinking you are the master, but then that is how they wanted it in the first place. Mind control so subtle that when you make them do ‘tricks’ you have not the faintest idea that it is they who have trained you to get them food. You are only a tool.

It is the eyes that do it, and also the extended coccyx, the tail. It wags and we move accordingly, in affection.


P.S. i am under the control of a 3 month old labrador retriever. He has adjusted our mind patterns and is now part of our family.

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21 Responses to The Mutants Offspring

  1. No one says:

    I’d say cats are worse :S


  2. snosler says:

    This was utterly amusing 🙂 Just stopping by to see what people are writing about for the Challenge – well done!


  3. Baxterwrites says:

    The mind control is oh-so-subtle. It is the soulful eyes that do it. They seem to look straight into your heart, but they are actually probing your mind patterns and changing them till you feel the warmth of affection flood your senses. —- Absolutely Artistic! Well Written Post! Definitely deserving! Wow.


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  6. boxermamma says:

    Only three months old? There’s still time…save yourself! Don’t let it take control!


  7. Get a cat, they will be so busy subverting each other’s plans, you will be able to see the attempts with ease. Might even be a great movie plot, oh wait it’s been done and had a sequel. 🙂


  8. I like this post. Just get a cat. 🙂


  9. beingserbian says:

    I’ve recently been hypnotized by two cats. I can’t get away from them. They’ve moved into my house, my bed, my closet. They’re everywhere! And I used to not even like cats 😉


  10. I really like your blog and would love you to feature on mine, All you have to do is write five suggestions along with a link back to your site. Please check out the blog and see the sort of things people have written about.


  11. I know how you feel, my Boston does the Jedi mindtrick thing on me and off I go to fetch her a treat. That tyrant!


  12. Oh so true they rule the world and are so much kinder than humans.


  13. revasudeep says:

    Very well written post ..enjoyable read… had me smiling …Thanks !!!! 🙂


  14. NAT HILL says:

    I like the art at the top 0f your blog who does that belong to?


  15. NAT HILL says:

    oops meant to say who created the art at the top of your blog


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