Meditation Protocol for a Lab Rat

Step 1. Unfold your yoga mat.

Step 2. Try for the nth time to sit in the proper lotus position. Lift your left foot and place it on your right thigh. Done.

Step 3. So far so good, now for the difficult step. Pick up your right foot and try…. ouch… the knee-joint just sent you an instant status update.

Step 4. Settle for the more comfortable cross-legged position. Spine straight, hands relaxed, palms facing upwards placed on your knees.

Step 5. Close your eyes and breathe in…nnn and ou..uut slowly and steadily.

Step 6. Become aware of your surroundings, the noises you hear.. the chirping of birds, the cars the pass by, a child on her bicycle, a dog barks, the street vendors sharp nasal shout, the sound of the wind, there is a train that is chugging along slowly.  Thoughts come and stay… and come and go You move along with them as you think of all the details of the things that happened. The sounds that you could hear earlier have now receded.

Step 7. You remember what your yoga guru told you, and you try to let go.. the sounds of the ‘now’ come back, and you are in the moment again as you take in what is around you.

Step 8. Breathe in and out slowly in a rhythm. The mind stills and you wake up refreshed.

Step 9. You hope that you have managed to kickstart your prefrontal cortex and subdue your amygdala enough to see you through the day.

Or did you just hypnotize yourself?

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