A Letter Thru Time

Dear friend

How r u? I haven’t been in touch for a while, but things have been crazy here. There is so much to tell you, only I don’t know if you would be interested in the details 🙂

Its been such a long time.. 20 yrs (?!!) Seems like yesterday. I remember you as you were, short-haired, frumpily dressed ..as was the hippest style of that time, your head full of ideas and your heart full of dreams.

I remember you as you walked with your friends from the university hostel to the library and back, and had heated discussions and arguments on various issues. I remember the library cafeteria, the air heavy with the smell of coffee and cigarette smoke… the potato filled friend snacks (how did you manage NOT to put on weight even after living such an unhealthy lifestyle ?? 🙂 I remember the student union strikes on various campus issues, the pamphleteering, the debates.. where you made some friends and lost some.

I remember the campus romances and the heart- breaks. I think of how B, the Air Force pilot, would fly by real low and tip the aircraft wings, flouting all rules, as his girlfriend waved goodbye from the hostel terrace…. and I smile..

I remember when you hit a rough patch and how you lost your way. I can still, at times, feel your confusion as you tried to get back on your feet… and eventually, you did.

I got so caught up with my own things that, frankly, it has been a while since I thought of you. If you see me, you may not recognize me at all…. and I wonder if you would approve of what I am now. Would you? It’s hard to tell.

Somehow I feel you would not have changed a bit. Somehow I know, I just know, that after the initial hesitation (and the shock at the physical changes) is over,  once we start talking it would be the same again. If we ever do meet, I think I shall spare you the worrying details of life and the paths it takes. If I ever meet you, we will have a laugh and remember things as they were.. and for that space in time.. they would be.

I have been thinking of you lately and I wonder about some of the dreams that were left behind… Did you pick up yours as you moved on? Lately, I have been picking up the pieces and glueing mine together.

I have realised they keep us sane, you know.

Maybe its time to work towards them.

Much love,

Your adipose- laden, 20 yrs older self

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3 Responses to A Letter Thru Time

  1. maddy says:

    Very interesting post, i enjoyed it a lot.. 🙂
    would like to invite you to read my post which is on similar lines: http://maddyspeaks.wordpress.com/2012/09/21/weekly-writing-challenge-mail-it-in-letters-to-the-future-1/


  2. Anonymous says:

    Archie, where are you based these days ?


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